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Karnataka Election Results 08

Elections Result on May 25, 2008
Information Available: - 224/224
Party Lead Won
BJP 0 110
INC 0 80
J.D (Secular) 0 28
Others 0 7

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Karnataka Assembly Elections 2008 - News

Karnataka Election Results 08

Reactions on 1st Phase of Polling in Karnataka
The first phase of Karnataka Assembly Elections was over on 10th May 2008 (Saturday). Of the nearly 1.73 crore voters, about 60% exercised their voting rights in 89 of the 224 constituencies of Karnataka. While 50% voters were present in the urban centers, 64% cast their votes in rural areas. There were about 7,700 central officials who had monitored the entire voting process. The polling was held in 18,598 stations across 11 districts.

Results in Bangalore
In the first phase of the Karnataka elections, according to news report, major gain is seen for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The BJP is winning 14 seats in Bangalore, which clearly shows a swing of 4% in favor of the party.

The Congress has been hit badly in the elections so far. The Congress is winning 10 seats in Bangalore, which is 4% swing against the party.

It is to be noted that there has not been any vote swing for the Janata Dal-Secular (JDS). So far, it has won 4 seats in Bangalore.

Results outside Bangalore
The exit polls, leaving aside Bangalore also show BJP taking a slight gain. Compared to the last elections, the Congress is receiving a setback.

The BJP is winning 17 seats whereas the Congress is winning only 13 seats. The JDS is winning 26 seats and the vote swing against the party is 2%.

Combined results
The combined results for the first phase of Karnataka Assembly Elections show BJP as the winner. It is winning 31 seats with an 11 per cent swing in its favor.

The Congress is winning 23 seats. There has been a negative swing of 5%. The JDS is winning 30 seats, which is a swing of 6% against it.

The first phase of the elections were held in the south of the state. In this area, traditionally the BJP is weak. The south is Vokaliga area and they support Deve Gowda's JDS. The areas that have undergone voting cover also have strong holds of S M Krishna of the Congress.

Of the total 224 constituencies, 89 constituencies in 11 districts underwent voting and with Bangalore electing over 12% of the assembly, BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu says "If we win Bangalore, our victory is assured." Other political camps also feel the same.

S M Krishna, former chief minister, Karnataka even think the same. "He's got it correct " said S M Krishna. "We are sure of winning 10-12 seats," says Kumaraswamy . While Kumaraswamy has a chance to win urban Bangalore, Ramanagram of BJP asserted its presence in rural Bangalore. Kumaraswamy is strongly supported by the Vokkaligas and so he has nothing to worry about facing his opponent, Mamata Nichani, the daughter of Ramkrishna Hegde.

The Congress inspite of lagging behind continues to put a brave face and hopes to defeat him in this prestigious seat.

While the state is busy in exercising assembly polls, the common people and residents have just one thing in mind "We just want that who ever comes to power works to develop the city" .

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